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The Gravy Age Podcast

Jan 14, 2018

This week the boys are whippin' out their toys. Kris on guitar and synth and Chris on bass (oh, and our drum machine Qris). It's the first ever Gravy Jam.

They also get caught up on some comic flicks, sexual assault claims, Disney gobbling up Fox, and a bunch of other stuff. TBH, this one is kinda all over the place....

Nov 28, 2017

We’re back! Shat gets salty on Twitter, Justice League and its lack of mustaches, Hollywood sleaze-balls, actors we miss and the rolls that cemented them in our hearts, John Carpenter (live!), and a whole bunch of music makin’ talk.

Aug 9, 2017

A lot of butt stuff in this one. Vape slang, surgery, Enterprise, Abstract Void, Sergio Leone, Logan and Suicide Squad, faking your death to get out of guitar debt, Sledge Hammer, and even a few comics! Enjoy, you wrinkly...

May 23, 2016

Angry Birds, tentpole films, gender bias and computer coding, CW TV round-up, Chew, and we wrap up Omega the Unknown.

We close this episode with Duets by Brenna Sahatjian. Find more of her work at 

Feb 4, 2014

We made it to a second episode! This time Chris plays the role of eugoogoolizer when remembering the late Morrie Turner. Kris accuses Chris of doin' the Hinckley on Jeff Lemire. There's some movie stuff and some comic stuff...yada yada yda. Just...