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The Gravy Age Podcast

Mar 31, 2015

Welcome to episode 34 (as in our 3rd or 4th try). After a few weeks of illness and tech issues the boys are back! This week the guys cover Mallrats 2, the return of Al Simmons, Howard the Duck, Supregods, and Deadpool. Kris also takes the bubblegum flavored soda challenge.

Mar 10, 2015

Getting keyed at Disneyland, Norman Lee, John Carpenter, having Visions of a new Avengers trailer and the Thor Annual are all topics for discussion this week. Want to win a copy of The Horror of Loon Lake? Listen for details!

Mar 3, 2015

Welcome to level 32! This week the boys have another bromantic lunch in the park. Topics include Leonard Nimoy passing, the recent Sony shake-up, Catwoman's sexuality, the latest Sponge Bob movie, Ender's Game, and they speculate AGAIN on the Civil War plot. Check in next week when we announce the details of the Horror...